Selasa, 02 April 2013


It's kind of something that people have to completely make with or without any necessary. Yet, I still hold on my hand to write it up and so make daily day has been adventure life. Of course yes, I said this part is the best activity that give me so much and many lessons for the whole of my part being as a student. It is one of dedication that's perhaps I can give to the society through my research.

Yippie, I have finished one but again and again I have to change the tittle and so far the previous one let it flow in the room. I've gotten another ideas that explore my mind to empower  my experience through the scientific method. 

Honestly, It's not difficult as it is but it is not also easier that I expected yet I have to struggle and grab this paper's completed during this month. It's already April, honey. I could not mention that I have finished as if it was getting done in March as I expected. =(

MOM AND DAD have planned to visit me and they're gonna watch me in live while I am doin my final pressentation in front of the GREATNESS OF ALL EXAMINERS.
#wth amazing news

wish nothing but the best!

lol... It makes me beat and SPIRIT MORE AND MORE to produce the best of me.
#ihope so

well done

last but not least, FROM NOW ON. 


pursue all dreams come true ^^

I'LL be off, out of all kind of these online networks for while until I've finished my greatness project . that's called THESIS.

wish me luck..
Please God always bless you and me every day in every monents.


Cheerio , Fabulous.